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STS Electronic Recycling Is Your ITAD Service Provider

STS Electronic Recycling specializes in IT Asset Disposition, or ITAD, for medium and large businesses and organizations within the Continental United States. Productivity improvement and mobility devices, such as Apple iPads, Android Tablets, and Surface Pros are constantly being made obsolete by ever improving replacements and upgrades. Your business IT replacement cycle should include an asset disposal and disposition channel that provides a return on investment, on-time reporting and rock-solid data sanitation and security. Our team of ITAD experts will provide your business with a customized evaluation and plan of action, tailored to your specific IT Asset Disposition needs and requirements, at absolutely no cost to you. Speak with one of our friendly representatives about a FREE EVALUATION! Call us TODAY at 844.699.2913 or drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Contact Phone: 903 589 3705

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Atlanta, Georgia Computer Liquidation Company

STS Electronic Recycling provides computer liquidation services and IT asset management to businesses, schools, medical and other organizations in and around Atlanta, Georgia.  Providing computer asset liquidation and IT asset re-marketing is our business, we'll even purchase your assets up front if needed. Call our professional computer and IT hardware liquidation team at 903 589 3705 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Why Use STS as your Atlanta Computer Liquidation and Electronic Recycling Service?

 Our first rate computer liquidation and electronics recycling services are helping organizations find value for their recent technology and compliant disposal for electronics where no secondary re-use is available.   At STS Electronic Recycling we are certified and aim to help our clients keep within compliance in disposal of electronics as well as data destruction and security regulations.  Our network of more than 3,000 brokers and computer wholesalers help us return competitive values to our clients for computer related hardware.  Give 

Atlanta Hard Drive Shredding and Data Destruction Service

Atlanta hard drive shredding services are available with our computer liquidation process as well.  When we help our clients liquidate or sell used computers, laptops and other IT equipment there is often a need to shred or destroy hard drives at the clients location.  Our hard drive mobile shredding services allow us to accommodate clients in secure data destruction, recovery of value for assets and electronics recycling all in one white glove service.



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About STS Electronic Recycling

STS Electronic Recycling, Inc., an a EPA Certified IT Asset Disposal Service Provider and Recycler based in Jacksonville, Texas, provides free computer, laptop and tablet recycling as well as computer liquidation and ITAD services to businesses across the United States.